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Virtual's rubber bar mats are made in one standard size with a variety of designs:

           250mm x 400mm x 3mm

    The Trophy Mat          




          Other team designs - Who do you support?
                         Click on your country's flag to view your country's bar mat.

Products subject to change and final FIFA approval.

Click on your country's flag to view
 your Country's Bar Mat.
South Africa Argentina Brazil
Chili Denmark England Germany
Mexico Ghana Netherlands Honduras
Italy Ivory Coast Japan Korea DPR
Paraguay Serbia Slovakia Korea Republic
Spain Switzerland USA New Zealand
Nigeria Cameroon France Algeria
Portugal Greece Slovenia Uruguay

All Virtual's rubber bar mats are factory molded from heavy duty mitrile rubber and bonded by a vulcanising process to a woven polyester surface.

All full colour, high resolution designs are printed on the woven fabric, which is surrounded by a 4cmm groove and a 16mm smooth rubber surface that neatly frames the designs.


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