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Sandblasting vs Sandblasted Vinyl?
See On-Site Blasting

Is sandblasting messy?
See On-Site Blasting

What’s the best building phase to blast in?
If you know beforehand that they will need sandblasting then the best case scenario would be to have the glass panes blasted before installation. The building contractor should liaise with the glazier who can then make sure the glass is blasted at the workshop thus avoiding having to blast on site.

If the glass has already been installed and you realise that you require sandblasting then this is the time to arrange on site blasting before the painting and finishing of the house.

On-site blasting or at the workshop?
See On-Site Blasting

Can sandblasted panes be stained by vanish and paint?
Varnish & Paint can stain sandblasting so it is important that the worker take care not to touch the sandblasting with his or her brush.  The sandblasted area close to where varnishing or painting is being done should be masked because should the sandblasting become stained, re-sandblasting over the stain will most likely be the only solution. 

Can sandblasting remove paint and rust?
Most definitely but obviously not in every case. Check out Industrial Sandblasting for more information.

How do you clean Perspex?
We suggest meths but NEVER THINNERS as it eats away at the Perspex.

How do I maintain vinyl?
Normal window cleaning products and meths are fine to use with a soft cloth but stay clear of abrasive cleaners or cloths which could damage and/or cause the vinyl to peel away. Also beware of cleaning products with bleach which could discolour the vinyl.     

What is UV Bonding?
See UV Bonding


We can even sandblast your jeans!



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