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Sandblasting on site is also an option we give our clients although it has it's pro's and con's. It is offered to clients whose glass is already installed and do not want the hassle of a glazier to take them out. In the case of doors inside the home we do take them out and blast them at the workshop, it is much quicker, cleaner and we install same day.

Blasting inside the building is very dusty and can dirty walls and carpets, so blasting inside the house ideally should take place in the building stages, before the decorating of the house. We can blast the outside of the windows if the house is decorated but in turn the sandblasting might require maintenance from the owner if there is no cover from the elements e.g. Rain.

Sandblasted Vinyl can be a cleaner, temporary and sometimes faster solution for achieving the sandblasted effect. Perfect for car window signage, shop & office logos & signage on glass wall panels and front doors. Even perfect for kitchen / bathroom cupboards, shower doors etc. In some cases it can work out cheaper than proper sandblasting but it is obviously not permanent.   

Varnish & Paint can stain the sandblasting so it is important that the worker takes care not to touch the sandblasting with his or her brush. Sandblasting over the stain will most likely be the only solution. 



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